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Welcome to the website of the only travel agency in Poland with vintage sidecar motorcycle. We offer you a chance to visit Warsaw and Poland in a completely new way. This is a unique attraction for the whole family. Learn more about us and book a trip with us today.

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    If YOU:
  • are an individualist
  • do not like riding on a bus with other tourists
  • do not like standard sightseeing programs organized for a mass audience
  • do like enjoy once-in-a-lifetime experiences
  • want to explore the attractions and colours of Warsaw using all your sense

We want to meet you!    Come and visit us!
The “Visit Warsaw with US” offer is a completely new idea for sightseeing.
You’ll ride in a vintage sidecar motorcycle, the successor of heavy motorcycles from World War II, you are open to the elements and completely free. With no windows or other tourists, the city is just for you. Do not worry about the weather, in case of rain we can take you in an iconic Jeep Wrangler, or we find another date for you.

Every part of your trip is organized with safety in mind, the motorcycle is always run by our experienced motorcyclist, carrying you, your family and friends through the landmarks and hidden gems of Warsaw. We have several routes prepared for you, but you can always add something or have a completely new idea. We are here for you, your best memories of Warsaw and safety are our priority.

A new attraction, first in Poland

We offer a unique service – a really original gift for a loved one or an exciting family treat It can be a original gift for a loved one. This is an  private trip only for you, We go where you want, creating tailored experiences just for you, based on your ideas. There is never a shortage of things to do and see, as the capital is constantly changing – perfect for first-timers to Warsaw or those VISITING with US again. We offer trips for everyone from a small children to senior citizens, there is no age limit for riding a sidecar motorcycle.

In our offer there are several tours around Warsaw to choose from, for lovers of the city’s history, for tourists who want to get to know the real life of the capital, for football fans and even for the youngest. However, these are only our suggestions for attractions and places you might want to see, you can also bring your ideas to life.

Best  Trips

We can do any route or cater for any party, where we go depends on you

New, fun experiences guaranteed!

Sightseeing doesn’t have to be boring and typical. You can see a completely different side of things from the position in the side car or as a passenger on the motorcycle, not comparable to riding on a bus or in a closed car. Within the reach of your hand you will pass by the city life and its residents. Do not be surprised at the smiles and greetings from strangers during our trip, the vintage set-up you’ll be riding in always inspires positive reactions from passers-by or other dirvers


Customers recommend – Military Range “Czerwony Bór”

A real military range, a historic M72 or K-750 motorcycle from the Second World War and You – what could be better? You’ll get a unique opportunity to drive this „Russian Monster” on the training ground (under the watchful eye of our driver, of course).